The Lukács family founded the classic furniture workshop in 1941. The three-generation classic furniture workshop has changed totally according to the requirements of the modern market. Keeping its type of manufacture – with just a few employees, but with a high-tech background – it has specialized mainly for private orders.

Discover and ramble over the scenic Secklerland!

Well-trained, dynamic, yet perfectly reliable horses will take you on riding tours to the sights of the Eastern Carpathians.

We will escort you if you want to test your strength and endurance on the trails at Red Lake, the Bicaz Gorges, or Lonely Peak.

BIKKLA is the easiest and happiest way to explore the Red Lake (Lacu Roșu). With the BIKKLA – Fat Electric Bike you can explore and see more in a short time. We created BIKKLA to help you on your tour, the powerful electric motor and the high capacity battery gives you almost super-powers, this way you don’t get tired and you can enjoy the view and the adventure.

Pro Business Insurance - Broker de Asigurare cu o vechime de aproape 10 ani pe piata asigurarilor va ofera cele mai potrivite asigurari personalizate

The Kis Cohard lodges are located in Red Lake, in a beautiful, friendly environment, near the main road. The yard provides free private parking, grill area, children playground and a fully equipped kitchen.

Bagossy Brothers Company is a Hungarian pop-rock band, founded in 2013.